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BIMer allows you to share your BIM models online. It's easy to use and accessible via a web browser. Your clients no longer need to install any applications to view your work. You do not need to send them the file attached to an email. You can just simply send them a link and they can see your work! Check it out now!

Model displayed in BIMer

Ready to use

Just upload your model and share the link. It can be displayed on any device like tablet, phone, computer or Smart TV with a modern web browser.

Easy to use

It is very intuitive. You can move the model using the mouse or walk inside using arrows on your keyboard.


Only people that you shared the link with will see your model. And no one can download your IFC file.

What's included


Your model remains private. You decide who you want to share it with and no one can download your IFC file. The model is availabe for 7 days.

Easy to use

Move around the model using your mouse or keyboard. You can move it, rotate it or walk inside the model.

No installation

There is no installation. It's just that simple!
Just make sure that your device has a modern web browser with support for WebGL.

Support for IFC

BIMer provides support for IFC 2x3 and zipped IFC 2x3 files. If your conversion fails for some reason, your token will not be invalidated and you can use it for another conversion.

Device independent

Your device just needs to have a web browser installed with support for WebGL. It's available on smartphones, tablets, computers or Smart TVs.

Easy sharing

Just send a link to your client. You can also share it with your friends on Facebook, your colleagues on Linkedin or you can tweet about it on Twitter.

More features

Computer Image

Wide angle perspective

You can toggle between wide angle and standard perspective. Once you are inside the building you can switch to a wide angle perspective to see more elements around you.

Visibility and transparency

You can hide elements or make them transparent to see the inside of the building. You can hide multiple elements at once or hide all elements other than selected to focus on the part of the model that you are currently reviewing.

Always beautiful

Our application looks good on all devices

BIMer looks good on a computer monitor, on a tablet, on a smart TV and even on a smartphone. We continue to work to enhance the usablility of the application on mobile devices across all platforms.

Due to its nature, you will get the most of BIMer funcionality on a device with a keyboard and with a reasonably large screen, however we constantly aim to improve our product in order to allow you to use it with the mobility that you require.

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Ready in 4 steps

Select your model

Use the 'Upload model' button to open the selection dialog and select a model.

Upload your model

Once your model is selected and you've accepted our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use just hit the Upload! button.

Wait for the conversion to finish

BIMer converts your model. Depending on a size of the model it may take couple of minutes.

Share your model

Once the conversion is finalized you can share the link to the model. You will also receive an email with this link so you wouldn't loose it.


It's FREE!

The online model viewer is FREE to use. Your model will be available on our site for 7 days.

Custom solution

If you wish to have a custom solution tailored to your needs, for example get a dedicated server or embed BIMer on your website or want your model to be available longer let us know by sending an email to and we will prepare an offer for you.

Get started now.

Upload your model and share it with others. You can see how the viewer works by clicking one of our promoted models below.

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User stories

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Margaret and Matthias hired an architect to prepare a design of their dream house. He prepared the plan of the house and they were happy with it. Later on he shared the model with them using BIMer so they could access it via web browser. Just then they saw that there was a column supporting the roof in the middle of their leaving room. On the plan it was just a simple rectangle and they did not think that this would be a column. The designer changed the model so that once the project got to a construction phase, there were no supprices for Margaret and Matthias and thus they were happy with the result and saved money, because the misunderstansing was cought early on in the project.

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Martha and Michael wanted to buy an old house and renovate it. They asked a designer to prepare a visualisation to show how the house could look like. Once the visualisation was prepared they received renderrings in PDF files in an email. When they asked for a view from a different angle, they would need to wait for an email with new renderrings and the reveived view was not always what they requested. Then the architect uploaded their model on BIMer and they could view the model from any perspective that they wanted. They no longer needed to wait for emails with the renderrings and the communication between them and the designer became more effective.

tab3 Image

James is an architect and he was hired to design a building of a school. Once he was ready with the design he uploaded it to BIMer and was able to share it with multiple stakeholders by sending them a link to the model. The stakeholders viewed the model and provided him with the comments, so once the new version of the design was ready, he was able to share it again. During one of the stakeholders meetings he was asked to show one detail of the project, since he did not have his laptop with him and was unable to show it in Revit, he used his tablet PC to access the model online and show the specific model element to the stakeholders during their meeting.

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Sebastian is a construction manager and is directing three construction sites. In order to be mobile and always prepared he carries his PC tablet with him and has an access to the BIM model of each of the buildings under construction. When the owner is at the construction site they may go through the model and he can show him which elements are currently being developed. He can also show his workers the details of the building and they can check the properties of each element right there on a construction site.